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The bathrooms

March 14, 2019 -

(Example demonstrates the beginning of a fungal contamination, we can see the black spots that starts to grow on the flat surfaces of the bathroom).

The situation shows that there was negligence of the tenant since this event could have been avoided. Surface mold is often created by too high humidity or lack of air. It can also be created by a high temperature difference, for example, if you take a hot shower and the room is cold, condensation will naturally create, same thing happens if you take a cold shower in a warm room. Here’s what Mold Xperts experts saw during their inspection.

Since the mold began to grow on the customer’s personal belongings in the bathroom, it was obvious that the source of the problem was condensation or water infiltration. While investigating the different rooms, we found several sources that could have caused the problem.

(Example shows that the unit is not heated during the winter period)

(Example demonstrates the dryer hose in the wrong bathroom)

(Example that shows that the fan must be changed or cleaned)

The source detected proves that the mold spots found were formed from a high level of humidity and a lack of heat in the housing. The reason why we found the stains in the bathroom is due to the showers taken. The fan of the bathroom did not provide a negative pressure high enough to stop the condensation to create since the room temperature was too low.

As the experts of mold, we proceeded to an anti fungal cleaning in the bathroom and the outline of the windows of the housing. We have recommended to the customer to install a new fan, to repair the dryer hose and to put the light and the fan on the same switch, it will prevent the humidity from creating it in the bathroom. We recommended the customer to keep a stable temperature to reduce the risk of condensation and mold in the housing.

(Example after work, shows the black spots removed)

After the treatments we can see that the spots are gone. If the customer follows the recommendations, the stains should not reappear since the stains were only surface mold. The client was lucky since no demolition was required and the decontamination with the product used by the experts worked very well.

Mold Xperts advises all renters and customers to notify the landlord if spots like theses ones come out so they can prevent a situation from being created. Surface cleaning is less expensive and easier to prevent. If we wait too long or the source of the problem is not resolved, a demolition may be necessary since the building materials sometimes become too contaminated to counter attack with the product.