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Our approach

When we are called to the scene of a potential contamination problem, MoldXperts deploys a five-step protocol to ensure proper, safe handling of the contamination.

Our 5-step approach

Meet with the occupants

To obtain first-hand information and identify the nature of the complaint cooncerning possible mold contamination, our initial step is to meet with the occupants of the premises to determine if they have encountered symptoms that may be related to the presence of mold in their immediate environment.

Visual inspections

We then perform a visual inspection of the premises to identify any visible signs of water infiltration, moisture on the walls, stains on the paint, discoloration, rotting woodwork, rust and other traces of contamination. When necessary, our technicians use an infrared camera to detect mold invisible to the naked eye. If there is evidence of contamination, we will advise you immediately.

Air quality sampling and analysis

Following the initial visual inspections and when confronted with possible contamination issues, MoldXperts collects ambient air samples in the locations identified as problematic. These air samples are then entrusted to a specialized laboratory for analysis.

Written diagnosis and recommendations

After analyzing samples of ambient air, our expert laboratory establishes an initial diagnosis of the problems identified and issues a written report stating the types and the number of mold spores detected in the sample collected by our specialists. The nature and effects of the mold identified on the health of the occupants are well documented in this report.

a) Laboratory reports

Upon request, MoldXperts provides a detailed report to our clients such as the Régie du logement, Public Health authorities, Municipal Inspectors, Occupational Health and Safety authorities (OHS) as well as a certificate of compliance that garanties the safety of the treated premises.

b) Buildings used for grow ops

MoldXperts also specializes in the decontamination of buildings that have been used for the illicit cultivation of cannabis, a particularly harmful use for the safety of a building and which may adversely affect its real estate value on the market.


In agreement with the client, we proceed to site decontamination by removing contaminated materials and correcting the source of the contamination once and for all. We make sure to deliver a building free of any pathogens and whose safety leaves no doubt. Once this work is completed, the owner of the premises can undertake the necessary renovations to close the walls, ceilings and floors that had to be opened to to conduct the decontamination process.

We provide detailed reports

We provide our customers with detailed inspection and laboratory reports to help them fully understand their situation. Below are examples of real inspections we have conducted to demonstrate how thorough our process is to ensure your home or business is safe.

Testimonials from our clients

How very reassuring to be able to benefit from the expertise of someone like you!.

Many thanks for the services rendered when you inspected our property. When we find ourselves in a difficult situation with a potentially contaminated house, it is reassuring to have someone with your expertise to turn to. You comforted us and helped us cope with the situation. We will be more than happy to recommend your services to family and friends.

Vito Garofalo

Real Estate Broker, Laval

Very driven by customer service!

We found you to be very customer-service and solution oriented and the value for money of your services, excellent. What we found extremely impressive are the additional skills and experience you have in correct construction and environment standards that allowed us to redress an existing building problem with the last owner. All the best, you deserve it.

Simon Alderdice


MoldXperts reports will allow us to go ahead with court proceedings against previous owner

Mr. Levis was quick and efficient with our questions and was able to do mold inspections after my mom bought her house. The reports and quotations provided by Mr. Levis will allow us to proceed with our court proceedings against the previous owner.

Patricia Samanez