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Personal property

March 14, 2019 -

Personal property such as furnishings and linens

(Example demonstrates that mold started to grow on personal belongings)

The situation shows that many personal belongings have been affected by a situation found on the inside. The materials have been stored in a room that should not contain any personal belongings during the winter. Several mold stains were found on the furnishings and the customer’s linens as well as infiltrations found in the room.

This is what Mold Xperts found. Since the door did not have the required level of insulation and the ventilation was blocked, condensation is created in the cold room. We found infiltration in the cement near the furniture and the laundry that was stored in the room. Here are the problematic sources found during the inspection done by the mold experts.

(Example of a piece of furniture contaminated by the infiltration of water)

(Example of water infiltration due to cracks in the foundation)

(An example that shows that the door was not isolated properly)

(Example of the ventilation of the cold room)

The sources detected proves that mold spots were formed due to a high level of moisture and several water seepage found in the cold room. The personal belongings that were stored in the room were affected since the infiltrations did not allow the room to dry. The mold spores are spread over materials such as furniture and linen. Stains are not present on all materials, but since they are in the same room they must also be disinfected.

Being the experts of the mold, we carried out an anti fungal cleaning in the cold room and we also disinfected all the personal belongings of the customer. All clothes were placed in double bags and sent by the owner for dry cleaning. We have recommended that the customer install two screens for ventilation, repair cracks to reduce water infiltration under the steps and install an exterior door for access to the dwelling. We advise all our customers to use storage as seasonal storage since rooms like this one never keeps the same temperature. We recommended the customer to keep a stable temperature in the basement to reduce the risk of condensation and mildew.

(Example of wood treated against mold after work)

After the treatments we can see that the spots are gone. If the customer follows the recommendations, the stains should not reappear since the stains were only surfaces. The client was lucky because we were able to react quickly and the majority of personal belongings could be recovered and disinfected by our professional.

Mold Xperts advises all customers to avoid putting materials that could be easily contaminated by moisture in a cold room. It is simply easier for a porous material to develop fungal spores since it often contains decomposable materials. Make sure you have good ventilation as well as a good insulated wall or exterior door to prevent condensation from forming in both rooms.