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Mold Xperts

MoldXperts. We get rid of your mold problems!

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MoldXperts is a consulting firm specializing in mold and decontamination.

Moisture, water, mood, spores mildew and other sources of contamination found in a building can have serious consequences for human health and may cause allergies, respiratory ailments and other diseases. They can also damage buildings and reduce their quality, safety and longevity.

Yves Levis, president of MoldXPerts is recognized by IMS Laboratory, LLC, accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) and EMSL Analytical, Inc. He is also a recognized Certified Mold Inspector and Certified Mold Remediator by The National Association of Mold Professionals (NAMP).


Mold can be the source
of several health problems.

Mold is found everywhere! In buildings, mold can occur due to high humidity or water infiltrations and can reduce the effectiveness of insulation, causing rotting wood, buckled siding, and peeling paint.

Mold on exterior walls

Exterior walls

Mold in the process of destroying the structure of a house. The tenant had informed the owner of foul odours and water seepage in the wall but he had failed to correct the situation.

Mold on ceiling

Mold on ceiling

Bathroom ceilings are an ideal place for mold formation. The lack of a ceiling fan or neglecting to turn it on, allows moisture to remain trapped and generate mold.

Mold on window sills and frames

Window sills and frames

Water sometimes seeps under the edge of windows and inside walls. Sometimes, it takes months and even years before discovering the problem. By that time, walls must be opened and contaminated materials removed.

Damp basements

Damp basements

Subfloors should always be checked after water infiltration in the basement. They must be completely dry before closing. Sometimes, there is no other option but to rebuild the floor with new materials.

Our 5-step approach

When we are called to the scene of a potential contamination problem, MoldXperts deploys a five-step protocol :

Your health and the safety of buildings
Our only purpose.
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Yves Lévis, President

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NAMP Certified

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