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Black or green spots

June 6, 2018 -

In this article, we will demonstrate the different possibilities where mold can be detected either on personal belongings or flat surfaces. The spots are often identified as being a black color but sometimes they are green or yellowish spots. It depends mainly on the level of contamination and the source of the problem.

The spots are often found in these different places:

Mold is identified as a living bacterium. Depending on what it feeds on it can grow and spread more quickly. When mold is found on surfaces it is easier to find the source of the problem. When it is an infiltration, several tests must be done since the source causes a problem in a different area.

In this article, we will demonstrate several situations encountered by mold experts at Mold Xperts. The mold found often contains Strachybotrys and Pen / Asp which is harmful to the health of the residents. We advise all our clients to do tests in order to analyze a situation that might resemble our follow-up cases.